Your Competitors See Challenges; We See Opportunities

Software business are unique among other industries in that your typical business health indicators are not applicable. You'll need a partner who understands what to measure and how to adapt the accounting function to track what's needed. Do these challenges sound familiar?

  • Cash Management: What’s my monthly burn? How much cash should I keep in reserve for sufficient runway? Is cash receipts streamlined for growth?

  • Revenue Growth: What are my software metrics such as MRR, CAC, or LTV? Am I in a position to accelerate growth? Am I reporting my revenue correctly?

  • Investor Relations: Am I able to report our progress to the investor group accurately and timely? Do they have confidence in our numbers?


We’ve heard those questions (along with many more) and have designed our solution to help provide the answers. Translating your challenges into data-based performance indicators allow us to know how you're doing and what levers you can adjust to improve.

Now you’ll be in control and can grow with confidence, giving you a key advantage over your competitors. More important than that, you’ll be able to sleep easier at night.  

Your New Solution Awaits

We’ve worked with most of the cutting edge applications available and have incorporated them into our processes.

Our accounting solution commonly combines multiple applications that allow us fit to into how you work.

The foundation is cloud accounting with Xero and Quickbooks .

Built from the ground up in the cloud with an open API, the ecosystem of integrated partners offers the most flexibility in choosing the right tools for you. Time tracking and project management systems like WorkflowMax or Harvest are the core operational tools that will help you invoice on time and know how well you did on a given job.

Stripe, and 电竞竞猜选手今日网址 are common add-ons that round out the complete accounting end-to-end solution. Once we know how you’re doing, we use applications like Spotlight, CrunchBoards, Float and/or ProfitWell, ChartMogul to help you track your critical performance indicators and forecast into the future. 

The streamlined flow of information allows us to process your day-to-day transactions quickly and provide timely, reliable financial statements at month-end. We maintain accrual-based financials, that can be toggled to cash-basis, so you have a better grasp on how you are performing. 


Xero Professional Services

We’re constantly working to build our industry knowledge. Our team is certified by Xero as a professional services specialist allowing us to help you better match your needs to the right applications.



Basis 365 offers worry-free, professional services. They installed easy-to-use tools that streamlined internal organization. Highly responsive managers ensure consistently reliable accounting.
- Former CEO, Militus


Basis 365 is adaptable, efficient, forward-thinking, and technology-driven. They have proven cost-effective, contributing the work of an on-site employee and even tidying up the subpar work of past vendors.
- Managing Director, Active Theory