We are A team OF Outsourced accounting experts.

“Do what you do best and outsource the rest.”
- pete drucker

Our services include:   complete accounting services for the company, daily, weekly, and monthly reports, controller services, bills paid, payroll, accounts reconciled, sales invoicing, forecasting, budgeting, and fractional CFO services. In addition, we'll provide you with customized reports unique to your company and relevant to your industry that allow you to know what needs to be done in order to grow.

Customers often tell us that they have no idea how they would function without us, and we feel the same way about them. We love what we do, and together we can make scaling your business happen faster and more profitable than ever.

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We help businesses grow from $1M - $20M in revenue or from a handful of employees to 100+. 

Did you know outsourcing to a team of accounting experts can save you from 40%-60% over hiring ?

Small to mid-size businesses partner with us because they need a more formalized accounting workflow by having a team manage the day-to-day activity, implement systems that can automate and scale, roll out standard procedures (SOPs), prepare and analyze financial statements, and assist with financial planning.


OUr BackStory + OUr VALUES

Rhett and Mike, longtime friends and self-proclaimed ‘tech-geeks’, began their careers as accountants in sunny Orange County, California. With an affinity for new technology, they were naturally drawn to small- and mid-sized businesses focused on eCommerce and Professional Services but found that traditional accounting services just weren't going to cut it for these forward-thinking businesses.

So, in 2012 they decided to create their own company and bring new life to an old industry.  With Basis 365, small- and mid-sized businesses can work with accounting experts who are tech-savvy and driven by a deep desire to help their customers succeed. With plans and packages that can scale as businesses grow, Basis 365 offers simple, stress-free accounting as you've never seen before.


Obstacles are opportunities Leave everything better Take Initiative

Build lasting relationships Master your craft


So, why choose us as your outsourced accountant?

PRoviding Peace of Mind

We bring over 20+ years of collective expertise in accounting, compliance, and payroll. We leverage technology to proactively manage your outsourced accounting needs, whether suggesting a new app or automatically following up on A/R and A/P. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes from having a team of outsourced accounting experts looking down the line on your behalf.


Protecting Your Profitability

We know how vital cash flow and profitability are to a growing business. So we give you the reporting and insights that help you make informed decisions. Our team of outsourced accounting experts will make sure your financials are accurate and received on time. We schedule regular check-in calls to help advise our customers on what they should be looking for and how to maximize profits.

Partners in Your Growth

We’ve helped organizations just like yours grow from a handful of employees to teams that span across the globe. So we’re familiar with the challenges accompanying the growth stage and will advise you on the changes you need to make as you scale from $1M to $20M.